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Access and Security

  • What type of security does my application require?

    All solutions must be on TLS 1.2 or better and use credential storage. Please read this document to learn more:

  • What is the difference between Preview and Production?

    In athenaNet, there are multiple tablespaces, which are groups of data files specific to a client’s practice. athenahealth has two distinct tablespace environments: the preview tablespace/ “sandbox” and the production tablespace. In the preview tablespace, users can build, test and troubleshoot their API solutions using non-sensitive dummy data. The production tablespaces store the client’s live and sensitive health data of patients. Production data is only granted upon a user’s solution being validated.


  • How do I report a bug or get production support?

    If you are a marketplace partner and you’re receiving an error message in Production, please report these to us by logging into your Partner Community account > Support > Request Support > fill out the “Create Support Case” page. This will route a support case to athenahealth to be worked. 

    For clients, please create a case via the Success Community > Support or log into athenaNet > Support > Create Case or Call. More likely than not, the type of help you need would be related to “Interfaces & Integration”.  

    3rd Party Vendors should be communicating with clients and clients can submit a support ticket on behalf of you. 


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