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Interfaces support efficient workflows

Healthcare organizations gather patient information from a variety of sources: EMRs, labs, imaging, referring physicians, etc. When athenahealth clients want to exchange information with an external source (laboratory information system, clinics, hospitals, public health organizations, 3rd party apps, etc.) through athenaNet®, they require an interface. Interfacing allows athenahealth clients to safely share information across operations. Because interfaces send information electronically (rather than by fax or paper files), it’s faster and easier for everyone involved to: 

  • Exchange data in real time
  • Decrease the amount of paper documents
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Drive efficiency throughout the process 


Take advantage of our interfaces that allow athenahealth clients, clinics, and hospitals to integrate seamlessly.

Exchange Data Within Your Practice

Send and receive patient information from third-party devices. Send lab and imaging orders from athenaNet to a diagnostic testing system and receive results.

athenaCoordinator Core

athenaCoordinator Core delivers eligible orders for referrals and immediate, secure text messaging for care collaboration.

Exchange Data with your Health Systems

Send patient and appointment information and receive changes from external systems. Send lab or imaging orders.

Exchange Data External to your Health System

Connect to state or federal health information hubs, and immunization and clinical data registries.


Developers have an opportunity to create interfaces that leverage the largest network in health-care.

Support for Developers

Access support documentation and administrative forms here.

Integration Specifications

Review our integration specifications to access all technical documentation, including supported standards like HL7 and IHE profiles.

Network Endpoints

Review our most commonly used workflows and integration offerings.


Discover the most common connection options for transferring electronic data to and from another application.

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