Usermessages: Intra-office athenaNet email system

The Usermessages functionality serves as an intra-office email system for athenaNet users.

This functionality allows users to communicate with staff via intra-office messages that appear in the recipients' message inbox. This inbox mimics the layout of a traditional email inbox with various folders and can be accessed from within the main athenaNet 'Calendar'-Communication-News&Messages. 

WIthin the athenaNet UI, usermessages can be sent regarding a particular patient via the Patients Action Bar through clicking 'Send Message about this Patient.' When creating a new message the patient's basic information will be displayed at the top of the page for reference including date of birth, department, provider, etc. Additionally, the patient sepecific message will contain a link to the patient Quickview. Users can also send a message that is not patient specific. 

Intra-office email through usermessages helps practices communicate important information about specific patients internally across several users and allows for secure user messaging to occur within athenaNet. 

With the API your application can:

  1. Retrieve a list of a particular users messages for a folder with GET/usernmessages/{username}
  2. Send a message from one particular user to a user or a list of users with POST/usermessages/{username}
  3. Update a message's status to show if it is flagged for follow up, move the message to a new folder, or set if the message has been read with PUT/usermessages/{username}/{messageid} 
  4. Move a message to the TRASH folder using DELETE/usermessages/{username}/{messageid}. Note that if this message is already in the TRASH folder, this call will permanently delete the message. 

NOTE: An SSO link can be included in the usermessage sent between users via the API. 

Please note athenaNet user's cannot send or receive messages outside their practice using this page and will need to enter in a valid username in order for this functionality to work effectively.

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