Setting An Appointment's MSPQ Qualifier

The athenahealth API has been expanded to allow who have built an MSPQ questionnaire, and the logic to determine the proper MSPQ qualifier based on the patient’s answers, the ability to set the MSPQ qualifier in the appointment for which the patient is checking in.

API users can GET the available MSPQ qualifiers from athenaNet using the GET /mspinsurancetypes API Call. Once the patient completes the partner’s MSPQ questionnaire and the partner has determined the correct MSPQ qualifier can update the appointment’s MSPQ qualifier value with the PUT /appointments/{appointmentid}/mspq API. If an MSPQ qualifier is needs to be removed from an appointment a partner can use the DELETE /appointments/{appointmentid}/mspq API. If a partner needs to find out what MSPQ qualifier was set for a specific appointment they may do so using the  GET DELETE /appointments/{appointmentid}/mspq API call.


Available API’s

  1. GET /mspinsurancetypes
    Requires: departmentID
  2. PUT /appointments/{appointmentid}/mspq
    Requires: appointmentid, mspinsurancetypeid
  3. GET & DELETE /appointments/{appointmentid}/mspq
    Requires: appointmentid


Record Keeping

Wish to utilized the API’s to set an appointment’s MSPQ must take one of the following actions to support a practice if they are audited by the CMS.

  1. If the shared practice is an athena Coordinator with Clinicals or athenaOne client: The partner must attach a PDF of the patient completed MSPQ questionnaire, with the generated qualifier, to the current patient appointment as an encounter document.
  2. If the shared practice is a Coordinator or Coordinator with Communicator client: The partner must store the completed MSPQ questionnaire and generated qualifier, so the practice can request a copy should then need it to complete an audit package.
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