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If you are a patient looking to make a payment, please click here to Make a Payment or contact your provider.


The recordpayment call allows partners to record payments made via cash, check, or credit card payment outside of athena's Credit Card Plus (CCP) processing.

    Please do not use this feature if the check is being scanned at the front desk using athenaNet, if a credit card payment is being made within athenaNet via CCP, or a payment is made via API using collectpayment. This will result in payments being double counted.

      The recordpayment API call mirrors the collectpayment call in many ways. For example, the user can specify the following fields:

      • copayamount - This amount will be applied as a copayment to today's service.
      • appointmentid - The otheramount will be applied to the specified appointment (if possible).
      • otheramount - A payment towards an outstanding balance (not necessarily a copayment).
      • todayservice - A Y/N flag that indicates that the payment should be applied to today's service. This is frequently used with self-insurance patients.
      • claimpayment - Use this to apply specific payment amounts to specific claim IDs

      The following fields are also required by this call: patientid, practiceid, departmentid

      paymentmethod - Cash, Check or an active credit card payment method

      • If Check is selected, checknumber is also required
      • If a credit card method is selected, cardnumberlast4 is also required

      A value must be included in at least one of the following fields:

      • copayamount  - The amount associated with a particular appointment for a copay
      • otheramount - The amount being collected that is not associated with individual appointment. This money goes into the "unapplied" bucket. In the future, these payments will be able to be broken down by individual claim level. Co-pay amounts should be in "copayamount".


      Example Workflow

      Collect co-pay or balance for a patient:

      GET /patients/{patientid}

      Get co-pay amount for an appointment and patient balance: 

      GET /appointments/{appointmentid}

      A. If Practice does not have CCP 

      Record Payment:       

      POST /patients/{patientid}/recordpayment

      B. If Practice has athena CCP       

      Post co-pay payment after card swipe:

      POST /patients/{patientid}/collectpayment

      Void payment (used in test activities):   

      POST /patients/{patientid}/voidpayment/{epaymentid}

      Send a patient payment receipt following co-pay:       

      POST /patients/{patientid}/receipts/{epaymentid}/email

      Implementation Note: In athenaNet, the payment method is actually a practice-level setting. Therefore, in order for recordpayment to work for cash and check payments, the practice must have the following payment methods set: CASH and CHECK (or CHECKS).  In order for recordpayment to work for credit card payments, at least one valid credit card payment method must be set (see on Credit Card Payment Methods for additional information).

      The API call also allows the user to specify a postdate. By default the postdate will be set to today. In addition, it may not be possible to set a postdate in the past if the month has been "CLOSED."

        The practice will be forced to manually reconcile any payment batches created via this API call

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