Privacy Information Verification Checkboxes

During the check in process for a patient, a practice must collect from the patient a signed form (either electronically or on paper) for the practice’s Privacy Notice, Release of Billing information, and Assignment of Benefits forms.

AthenaNet has the flexibility to allow a practice to configure their patient registration page to display the Privacy Notice, Release of Billing Information, and Assignment of Benefits consent forms as 1, 2, or 3 confirmation check boxes, which is driven by how the practice has their privacy and consent forms formatted.

The following API calls allow you to GET the data structure of the configuration the practice is using, and update those settings.


PRIVACYNOTICE – Privacy Notice

PATIENTSIGNATURE – Release of Billing

INSUREDSIGNATURE – Assignment of Benefits

Please note: There are some intricacies with the POST /patients/{patientid}/privacyinformationverified API and setting parameters you must pay attention to which we have listed below.


Three check boxes:

If a practice has three check boxes configured each flag in the POST will independently set their corresponding check box.

  • Check box 1 - PRIVACYNOTICE – Privacy Notice
  • Check box 2 - PATIENTSIGNATURE – Release of Billing
  • Check box 3 - INSUREDSIGNATURE – Assignment of Benefits


Two check Boxes:

If a practice has two check boxes set athenaNet configured, as illustrated below, the to set the privacy notification Check box  the PRIVACYNOTICE – Privacy Notice must be set in the API as normal. However, to set the second check box you must set both the PATIENTSIGNATURE – Release of Billing and INSUREDSIGNATURE – Assignment of Benefits flags.

If both flags are not set in the API call then athenaNet will break the two checkboxes out into three and only select the one check box that was set in the API call.



One check Box:

If a practice has one check box configured on their registration page then you must set all three flags (PRIVACYNOTICE – Privacy Notice, PATIENTSIGNATURE – Release of Billing, and INSUREDSIGNATURE) to set this one check box.

If all three parameters are not set in the API call then athenaNet will break the one checkbox out into three and only select the check boxs that were set in the API call.


It is important to note that not selecting both, or all three check boxes will not break the athenaNet interface, it will just present a different user experience to the practice’s user. The athenaNet code base will overwrite the practice’s preferred setting for the privacy check boxes and display them as three separate boxes. 

According to the athenaNet database, roughly 36% of practice have one or three check boxes configured, and 27% have just two. 

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