Patient Relationship Mapping

In a number of places, we need to know the relationship between the patient and someone else. That other person might be the guarantor or may be signing a document on behalf of a patient. This relationship can be viewed either as "the relationship of the patient to the other person" or "the other person's relationship to the patient." These are really just two sides of the same coin.

As an example, in an e-signature case, if the signer is a parent and the patient is the child, and the parent is asked "What is the patient's relationship to you?", ID 18 would be used. E-signatures should use the "Patient Relationship to Person" column. Guarantor information uses the "Person's Relationship to Patient" column.

Id Patient Relationship to Person Person's Relationship to Patient
1 Patient Self
2 Spouse Spouse
3 Parent Child
4 Other Other
5 Grandchild Grandparent
6 Grandparent Grandchild
7 Uncle or Aunt Nephew or Niece
9 Foster Parent Foster Child
10 Guardian Ward
11 Stepmother or Stepfather Stepson or Stepdaughter
12 Employer Employee
13 Unknown Unknown
14 n/a Handicapped Dependent
15 n/a Sponsored Dependent
16 n/a Dependent of a Minor Dependent
17 Significant Other Significant Other
18 Child Mother
19 n/a (use 18) Father
21 n/a Emancipated Minor
22 n/a Organ Donor
23 n/a Cadaver Donor
24 n/a Injured Plaintiff
25 n/a (use 11) Child (Ins. not Financially Respons.)
26 Life Partner Life Partner
27 n/a (use 3) Child (Mother's Insurance)
28 n/a (use 3) Child (Father's Insurance)
29 n/a (use 3) Child (of Mother, Ins. not Financially Respons.)
30 n/a (use 3) Child (of Father, Ins. not Financially Respons.)
31 n/a (use 11) Stepson or Stepdaughter (Stepmother's Insurance)
32 n/a (use 11) Stepson or Stepdaughter (Stepfather's Insurance)
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