Patient Creation

The patient creation API, POST /patients, requires the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Department

At least one of the following fields must also be provided:

  • Email
  • Guarantor Email
  • SSN
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Zip Code

Patient Creation API

POST /patients

When POST call is made, the logic first verifies that all necessary fields are provided and validates dob field(s). Then, the logic uses using bestmatch to check if an existing patient match given data. If a match is found, the patient ID of the matched patient is returned. Only when there is no match, a new patient will be created and the patient ID returned.

Prior to the POST call, we recommend first making a call to our enhancedbestmatch endpoint to check for existing patient records. This endpoint has superior patient matching logic to the "bestmatch" check that is built in to the POST endpoint, reducing the chances of a duplicate. Enhancedbestmatch also offers additional inputs related to upcoming appointments and thus provide a better search in scenarios where new patient entry is being created just before an appointment.

Valid Phone Numbers 

APIs have been retrofitted to only accept valid phone numbers as inputs for fields such as anyphone, home phone, work phone and mobile phone.  You will receive an error when inputting an invalid phone number. Our APIs check phone numbers against a valid list based on the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).  Below is a summary of  common numbers that are not acceptable for use.

Where XXX is the area code:

  • XXX0000000
  • XXX1111111
  • XXX2222222
  • XXX3333333
  • XXX4444444
  • XXX5555555
  • XXX6666666
  • XXX7777777
  • XXX8888888
  • XXX9999999
  • Any usage of 4567890 in the number
  • Numbers in form N11 are invalid as they are used for special numbers such as 311,411 and 911.
  • Numbers with area code starting with 0,1 are invalid

For a full description of acceptable numbers please visit the following link.

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