Patient Care Team

In athenaNet, each patient can have a set of designated providers as part of a Care Team. This Care Team is usually managed via the athenaNet, but can also be managed via API.

What is a Care Team?

A Care Team is a set of primary care providers, care management personnel and patient advocates for a given patient. Most Team members are clinical providers and are usually linked historically to certain aspects of a patient's care coordination. Information regarding the Care Team is stored in the patient's Health History.

To satisfy Meaningful Use 2014 requirements, the patient's Care Team is included in both the Patient Care Summary documents that are given to patients at the end of their visits and the Continuity of Care Documents that get sent to other providers at transitions of care.

The following are some of the Care Team member roles available:

  • Primary Care Provider
  • Neurologist
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Referring Provider
  • Patient Designee*
  • Other

*Currently adding/viewing of a Patient Designee isn't completely functional. 

To get a complete list of available roles, please use the API call GET /chart/configuration/recipientclasses.

How to Retrieve and Update a patient's Care Team:

Retrieve the patient's current Care Team:

Delete an existing care team member.

  • Note that there is no API call to delete a patient's Care Team altogether; deletions have do be done one provider at a time. 


Add a new member to an existing Care Team. 

  • A patient may have multiple providers designated for the same Care Team member role. One of the necessary inputs for this call is clinicalproviderid which can be retrieved by using the GET /clinicalproviders/search call.  
  • Note that the clinicalproviderid is not the same as /providers because a Care Team member may work for a different healthcare organization.


There is no POST call because the Care Team exists by default for every patient. 

Note that certain proivders listed for patient's insurance are made part of the Care Team and are denoted with memberid '-1'. These proivders cannot be removed using the DELETE API. 

Here's a sample result, for the GET  /charts/{patientid}/careteam call, returning a Care Manager and a Primary Care Provider for a test patient:

         "address1" : "41 MALL RD",
         "city" : "BURLINGTON",
         "fax" : "(781) 744-7966",
         "firstname" : "AMANDA",
         "lastname" : "POWELL",
         "memberid" : "681",
         "npi" : "1043478241",
         "phonenumber" : "(781) 744-1546",
         "recipientclass" : {
            "code" : "61",
            "description" : "Care Manager"
         "state" : "MA",
         "zip" : "01805"
         "address1" : "POB 2654",
         "city" : "HICKORY",
         "fax" : "(828) 326-2461",
         "firstname" : "JOHN",
         "lastname" : "DELCHARCO",
         "memberid" : "682",
         "middlename" : "O",
         "npi" : "1962550640",
         "phonenumber" : "(828) 315-3355",
         "recipientclass" : {
            "code" : "3",
            "description" : "Primary Care Provider"
         "state" : "NC",
         "zip" : "28603"
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