Patient Arrival Workflows

Patient Arrival Workflows

There are two main patient arrival workflows that make use of digital check-in:

1) Front Desk Initiation:

The patient may visit the front desk first to verify identity and appointment, or schedule an appointment, if appropriate. The front desk staff taps the appropriate patient appointment on the device and hands it to the patient to complete the self-check-in process. Generally, the device is then locked to that single patient until it is returned to the front desk.

2) Walk-up-and-use:

There are cases (retail, urgent care, etc.) where the practice wants to allow the patient to walk up and use the device without having to visit the front desk first. The Enhanced Best Match logic supports this "walk-up-and-use" scenario (whether the patient has a scheduled appointment or not) by attempting to "find" or "match" the patient to an existing record in a HIPAA-compliant manner based on a subset of patient-entered demographic information.

When the check-in process begins, we recommend calling the start checkin API endpoint. This will help to measure the overall time it takes to check in a patient.


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