Order Denial

During encounters, providers or other users in athenanet are able to create orders for patients for items such as referrals, prescriptions, or labs. If an order is entered into athenanet and found to be unsuitable for a patient after processing the patient’s information, the following API can be utilized to deny an order in athenanet.


Only orders tied to encounters are available to be denied. Once an encounter for a patient has been determined, you may input this encounterid into the following API call to find all orders attached to that encounter.

*Note: Once an order has been approved by a provider you are not able to deny the order. The practice must set the status of the order manually back to Review status to deny an order.


The below API call can be utilized by inputting the orderid of the order that is to be denied and its associated encounterid.  This call returns a list of denyreason’s, a list of descriptions for applicable denial reasons, and the associated denyreasonid. These are the only options available for denying each specific order.

*Note: Different order types have different deny reasons available and the same denyreasonid cannot be used for all orders interchangeably. 


Once the proper denyreasonid for that order is found, it can be input into the following API to deny the order in athenanet.  Based on order type, the order then gets sent back to the ordering user to review the denial in a status of Review or Notify. The practice user would then reach out to the patient with their normal workflows to inform the patient of this denial.


Referral, Lab, and Other orders return to Review Status. Prescription, DME and Surgery orders return to Notify status.

Vaccine orders cannot be denied through API.

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