Insurance Package Search

Insurance Package Search

In athenanet, insurances are stored as insurance packages.  Insurance packages represent individual subsets of insurances that can be applied to patients in a practice.  Using the following two APIs get the most accurate insurance package can be tied to a patient to be used for appointments and claims.


When searching for an insurance, inputting the name of the insurance company as it appears on the patient’s insurance card, the patient’s Member ID, and the state listed on the insurance card will return matching insurance package ids.  This insurance package id can be tied to a patient using POST /patients/{patientid}/insurances so the patient’s insurance will be on file for future orders and appointments.

Optional fields may be input to help find the correct insurance package at a more granular level. Including the insurer’s address, city, phone and zip will help return the proper insurance package ID. Group ID is not available for input at this time.

Note: The name of the Insurance Package may not exactly match the name of the insurance on the patient’s ID card. Please work with the practice to confirm the insurance for a patient if there are concerns. 

Required fields:

  • Insurance Plan Name
  • Member ID
  • State of Coverage

Optional Fields:

  • Insurance Address
  • Insurance City
  • Insurance Phone Number
  • Insurance State
  • Insurance Zip
  • Product Type
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