General Contact Preferences

Practices have many ways to reach out to patients to provide practice announcements such as weather closings and special events, appointment and billing reminders, and lab result notifications. To help practices reach out to patients using the most effective communication method, athenahealth asks our API users to implement the contact preference parameters, found in the GET/PUT/Post patient calls, within their application’s UI.

The settings listed below, which are found in the POST/patients  and PUT/patients/{patientid} API calls, will allow a partner to add a selection to their application's UI to allow patients to specify their preferred method of receiving messages for practice announcements, reminders, or lab results. 

  • contactpreference_announcement_email
  • contactpreference_announcement_phone
  • contactpreference_announcement_sms
  • contactpreference_appointment_email
  • contactpreference_appointment_phone
  • contactpreference_appointment_sms
  • contactpreference_billing_email
  • contactpreference_billing_phone
  • contactpreference_billing_sms
  • contactpreference_lab_email
  • contactpreference_lab_phone
  • contactpreference_lab_sms

In the future, athenaNet will be adding an API call to include athenaNet's Text Message Terms Of Use that must be accessible to the patient within a partner's UI. (Additionally, see Consent to Call workflow documentation.)

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