Forms and Documents

The global Privacy & Consent Forms (Privacy Notice, Release of Billing Information, and Assignment of Benefits) status can be surfaced and updated via API. This refers to the 3 global checkboxes in Quickview.  The API will surface if any of these are missing or expired, in which case the partner surfaces the three forms for patients to sign on the device, and passes back the status update via API which will update the checkboxes for each. The expiration dates can also be manually set via API. Actual form content should be implemented by the partner during client onboarding.

We recommend practices support individuals signing on behalf of a patient (i.e., parent, child, guardian, etc.). Refer to E-Signature Information documentation for details.

The status of Medication History Authorization is also supported. This status is reflected in the radio button in Quickview. Actual form content should be implemented by the partner during client onboarding.

Other practice specific admin/consent forms can also be supported by the partner in order to remove paper from the check in workflow.  

Partners may display clinical screening forms and Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) for patients to complete via the device and upload results to athenaNet. Three options are supported: full screening questionnaires, score only screening questionnaires, and upload of PDFs to athenaNet as Clinical Encounter Documents. See Document Upload for details, and note that these would be Encounter documents uploaded once the check in is complete. Partners are responsible for the form content, licensing, scoring and any logic. 

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