Documents without Patient IDs


athenaNet classifies documents into various classes and sub-classes.  A few of those document classes/sub-classes can be created without patientids.  Examples of situations in which a document could be created without patientids include documents with multiple patients or miscellaneous documents not associated with a patient.

The following document types are supported for creation without patientids:

  • Admin (no document subclass)
  • Admin – Billing Document
  • Phone Message

Creating a Document

The document classes that can be created without patientids include Admin, Admin – Billing Documents, and Phone Messages.  All other document classes/subclasses require patientids upon creation.  

Updating a Document

Only documents created without patientids can be updated through the document endpoints that don’t require patientids.  If partners try to update a document with a patientid through the patientid-less document endpoints, they will get an error directing them to the document-specific endpoints that require patientids.

Retrieving a Document

The document GETs without patientids will only return documents with no patientids unless the showdocumentswithpatientid field is set to true.  If set to true, all documents, with and without patientids, will be returned.  API users are required to set a start and end date.  Documents created within the set date range will be returned.  

For Admin documents, you can filter by documentsubclass by entering document class and document subclass like this: CLASS_SUBCLASS (e.g. ADMIN_BILLING).  To retrieve admin documents with no subclass, you should enter 'ADMIN_ADMIN' for documentsubclass.

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