Demographic information should be collected/verified at each check-in. The following demographics-related APIs are available to be used: 

  • Most of the fields in the patient Quickview screens in athenaNet, including patient demographics and emergency contact information, can be exchanged via API. Refer to GET Patient calls for details.
  • Practice-configured fields are also supported via a separate API. Reference Custom Fields documentation for more details.
  • Contact preferences and various opt-ins are supported as well, some of which are far easier to collect via partner devices
  • Email address collection: In an effort to increase collection of email addresses to streamline patient communications, we strongly recommend making this field required and allowing the patient to decline to provide one (supported via API). If the patient has declined, the email address field  should be surfaced as blank in future visits in an effort to collect this information
  • Consent to call is important to surface in lieu of a recent change in FCC regulation. By opting in, a patient agrees to be contacted via mobile phone for automated appointment reminders, office closures, etc. See the detailed documentation for recommended best practices, legal terms, etc.
  • Mobile phone number collection is also helpful in streamlining downstream practice-patient communications. The existence or entry of a patient’s mobile phone number should trigger surfacing an SMS opt in, which is also supported via API.
  • Patients may indicate their communication preferences for different types of practice communications via the patient portal and also now via the partner device.

Note: *Some practices subscribe to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), which carry different patient consent models and defaults (opt-in, opt-out, etc.). We recommend handling this via the front desk as needed while we explore API options. 

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