Credit Card Payment - Email Receipts

If you are a patient looking to make a payment, please click here to Make a Payment or contact your provider.


To assist API users whose applications are processing credit card payments, we now support emailing a patient their credit card receipt.

To use the POST /patients/{patientid}/receipts/{epaymentid}/email API call, partners are required to provide the following parameters:

  • epaymentid
  • patientid
  • practiceid
  • emailaddress

Please note:

  • UI recommendations:
    • When asking application users if they would like a copy of their credit card receipt emailed to an email account:  
      • API users should populate their UI with the patient’s email address.
      • If no email option is available, then a blank field should be presented to the application user to enter in an email address.
  • If an API user wishes to offer their users the ability to send a receipt to multiple email addresses, the user will need to make one call for each of the email addresses as the API only will accept one email per call.
  • Due to the potential for a payer not being the patient being seen for services, e.g. pediatric or geriatric patients, users should not update the patient’s email address with the address collected for emailing a receipt.
  • Email receipt requests made via the API will be immediately be routed to athenahealth’s email servers to be sent to the specified email address.
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