Adding and Updating Insurance Information

There are times when an API user wants to add insurance for a patient or to manipulate the insurance that a patient has. This happens in a number of situations, such as when using the API to add a patient prior to sending charges, or even for a new patient being added for scheduling.

There are two main calls that you will use.


The API will allow you to gather the athenahealth insurance package IDs that a given practice uses. You must maintain some sort of mapping from your own representation of this information to our insurance package ID. For practices with a wide geographic footprint, you might want to consider calling this with a department ID since the top payers will vary. A future addition will be to provide tools for determining the correct insurance package based on the patient's ID number and general information. This process will be closer to how this is done in athenaNet proper.

2. Once you have the insurance package ID, you would use POST (to create), PUT (to update), or DELETE (to remove) insurance API endpoint to add/update/remove an insurance package from a patient. The POST is to create a new insurance package, while PUT should be used to update information (e.g. member ID change). You should DELETE and POST a new insurance if the insurance package itself changes for a patient. (The GET call will show you the current insurance for a patient.)

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