Adding and Updating Case Policies

Previously, partners were able to add case policy insurance packages via the insurance POST endpoint. However, the fields specifically related to certain types of case policies (auto, worker’s comp, legal, etc.) were not available in the endpoint.  A new POST endpoint was built to allow partners to add case policies with the additional relevant information related specifically to case policies.  

NOTE: It is highly encouraged that partners start using the new case policy POST to add case policies instead of using the insurance POST endpoint.

There are two main calls that will be used to add a case policy for a patient. The first call, GET /insurancepackages/casepolicies will allow partners to retrieve an insurancepackageid that corresponds to the patient's case policy. For more information on insurance packages, please see the Insurance Package Search page.

1. Once you have the insurance package ID, use the casepolicies API to add a case policy for a patient. There are fields that are conditionally required based on the insurancepackageid selected.  The insurancepackageid indicates the type of case policy (e.g. auto insurance, legal, worker's comp).

2. In order to update information in the case policy, use the insurance API


You can retrieve the insuranceid needed to update the case policy using the GET insurance API endpoint. Case policies can also be deleted using the DELETE insurance API endpoint.

  • GET /patients/{patientid}/insurances/{insuranceid} 
  • DELETE /patients/{patientid}/insurances/{insuranceid}
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