October 2022 Release: Updated Endpoints: Automatic deletion of unused changed subscriptions


Unused subscriptions result in a significant number of unnecessary changed data messages that put pressure on our API infrastructure. To conserve our infrastructure and improve overall performance, we will implement a daily process to automatically remove any changed subscriptions older than 7 days and with no /changed API call made to retrieve the data in the last 7 days. 


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October 2022





Is this a breaking change

 No, this is not a breaking change

Endpoints affected

This update will be implemented for all changed subscriptions in our changed data subscription documentation

New Endpoints



  • For more information on changed data subscription, please refer to the changed data subscription documentation
  • For existing customers and Marketplace partners of athenahealth’s Platform Services API Solutions, please refer to the updated Service Description in the Success Community or Partner Community

What is changing

athenahealth API solutions allow you to subscribe to polling-based changed data feeds, similar to an HL7 interface, for certain data in athena (e.g., appointment create, appointment update).

In Oct, athenahealth will implement a daily automatic deletion of all unused subscriptions (in our Production environment) that have not been polled (for changed data) in the last 7 days. For existing customers and Marketplace partners of athenahealth’s Platform Services API Solutions, we have also updated the Service Description to capture this new process. 

Why we’re making the change

When a subscription is created, we generate and store millions of messages in our database to capture what has changed. The volume of these messages can accumulate very quickly. We’re making this change to limit the number of unused changed data subscriptions exerting an unnecessary strain on performance and our overall API infrastructure.

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

Please note this is not a breaking change

Perform one of the following actions based on how you use changed data subscriptions:

  • If you are a current user of changed data subscriptions and wish to continue receiving subscriptions that have been deleted, you must re-subscribe for the desired changed data feeds. Once re-subscribed, changed messages will begin queuing into your feed from the time of re-subscribing.
  • If you are a current user of changed data subscriptions, and no longer need the deleted subscriptions, no action is necessary on your part. 
  • If you currently do not use changed data subscriptions, you do not need to take any action.

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code

This is not a breaking change, so nothing will happen if changes are not made.

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