Certified API Access

athenahealth offers access to Certified APIs free of charge to our customers and partners. This aligns with our belief that an open, collaborative ecosystem drives quality care outcomes and demonstrates our commitment to open data exchange.

The process for obtaining production access varies by API category. If you are solely seeking access to Certified APIs, then you may be issued a production client ID without additional verification or consult from athena by completing our Certified API request form and attaching it in an email to marketplace@athenahealth.com.

Certified APIs are available, as documented within this Developer Portal, on the current live versions of athenaOne, athenaClinicals, athenaCollector, or athenaOne for Hospitals and Health Systems, as applicable. You can find the complete list of Certified APIs under the "List of Certified APIs (in adherence to 2015 Edition CEHRT Criteria)" header here.

For access beyond Certified APIs, you can sign up for one of our Platform Services offerings.

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