API Change (22.3): Developer Portal – Usage Analytics and Error Dashboard for API Customers


Prior to 22.3, detailed API usage and error data was unavailable within the Developer Console.

In this release, the Console now provides a new analytics dashboard for preview or production apps enabling you to track your API call volume, errors, and rate limits.

The analytics dashboard is available to all users with preview or production apps. Upon selecting selecting View App > Analytics from Console, the following metrics appear: 



Avg. Business Day Call Volume 

Average business day API call volume over the past 30 days 

Highest Day Call Volume 

Highest API call volume within a day over the past 30 days 

Peak Rate Limit Usage 

Percentage of peak rate limit usage in the past 30 days shown per second and per hour 

Practices Live on Application 

Count of practices live on the application 

Practices Live on Application (over past 7 days) 

ID, Practice Name, Volume, and % of Traffic for each practice live on the application over the past 7 days. Use the download button to export the table to csv. 

API Usage 

Call volume over time (max 1 year) which can be viewed as a chart or table. Use the download button to export the data to csv. The csv export will provide additional granularity on API usage, including the following fields: 

  • Timestamp 

  • Practice ID 

  • Practice Name  

  • API Key 

  • Endpoint 

  • Method 

  • ONC Certified (Certified API) 

  • Status 

  • Volume of calls in the given time range 


Date, Error Codes, and Daily Total Volume of each error triggered over the past 7 days. Use the download button to export the table to csv. 


Platform Services 


March 25, 2022


An analytics dashboard will now be available in the ‘Analytics’ page of the Console for preview and production apps to allow you to track your API call volume, errors, and rate limits.


Endpoint(s) affected:  

No endpoints will be affected.

Is this a breaking change: 


What is changing

Within each app’s page in the Developer Console, you will now have an analytics dashboard within the ‘Analytics’ tab that will provide metrics on your call volume, errors, and rate limits.

Why we’re making the change

athenahealth is surfacing this information to help you manage your API usage.

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

You do not need to take any action. Athenahealth will automatically provide an analytics page once you have an app in production.

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