API Change (21.7): Subscribe Data Feed Types to Individual Departments

Summary: You can now subscribe data feeds to a list of individual departments within a practice. This enhancement reduces the number of unused data feed subscriptions, which API Users cannot process at the practice (context) level, improving overall performance. 

Products: athenaClinicals, athenaCollector 

Available: 21.7 GA


  • A new parameter is available for endpoint users to subscribe to specific departments within a practice. 
  • athenahealth will automatically update existing subscriptions for all users in a biweekly release after the Summer 2021 release. Expect further communications when your organization’s subscriptions will be updated. 
  • The list of department IDs for this functionality have been identified based on the unprocessed historical data for the past 3 months.


Endpoints affected  

Below is the list of endpoints affected. 

Format: POST/ <feedtype>/changed/subscription 

  1. POST/appointments/changed/subscription  
  2. POST/imagingresults/changed/subscription  
  3. POST/labresults/changed/subscription  
  4. POST/orders/changed/subscription
  5. POST/visits/changed/subscription  
  6. POST/claims/changed/subscription  
  7. POST/patients/changed/subscription 


What is changing?  

We add a new parameter to the POST /<feedtype>/ request which allows users to subscribe to specific departments within a practice. 


Why we’re making this change  

Subscriptions to data feed were previously only available at the practice (context) level, resulting in many unused subscriptions, where data is not being processed. To minimize performance issues, we have enhanced the functionality to allow you to subscribe to a feedtype at a department ID-level.  


Is this a breaking change?  



What do I need to update in my code?  

Users of this endpoint can pass additional parameter “departmentids” in a request so you can process records only for the required departments for a specific feedtype. If you need to change the departments you are subscribed to in the future, you will need to re-subscribe with the new parameter listing the departmentIDs.   

Note: athenahealth will automatically update existing subscriptions 

  • Based on historical data for last 3 months we have identified list of department ID’s within a practice which process the records for the subscribed feed type.  
  • We plan to schedule a one-time job from the backend. This will automatically update the list of department ID’s within a practice for a specific feed- type. By doing so our system will generate records only for the specified  departments listed in subscription. 


What will happen if you do not update your code?  

If you do not update the department field to change the data feed type of the subscription to a department level, subscriptions will generate records only for the specified departments listed in subscription. If department IDs are not specified in the subscription, subscriptions will continue to retrieve data at the context ID level.


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