API Change (21.11): Enhanced Reason Selection Options for Vaccines Not Given

Summary: This update expands the available reasons for vaccines not given

Products: Clinicals

Available: 21.11 Release


  • Expanded code values for declined vaccine reasons
  • Updated user-facing text for declined vaccine reasons


Endpoint(s) affected:  

  • GET /chart/{patientid}/vaccines  
  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/vaccine 
  • GET /reference/order/vaccine/declinedreasons
  • POST /chart/encounter/{encounterid}/orders/vaccine

Is this a breaking change: No 


What is changing

  • declinedreason – Provides a list of codes indicating why a vaccine was not given. The enhancement adds additional codes, and/or codes from new codesets to this list. For each element in the list, athenahealth includes the code, the codeset, and a plain text description. No code changes are required if your reasons are not hard-coded. 
  • declinedreasontext – Expands user-facing not given reason options.  
  • wasnotgiven – No change. This is a flag that indicates the vaccine was not given.

Why we’re making the change

To enable providers to specify additional details for why a patient did not receive a vaccine, from the medication order workflow. The not given reason list was updated to include more detail for why a patient did not receive a vaccine. This change is part of athenahealth, Inc.’s ongoing effort to meet the ONC’s 170.315(f)(1) certification, which ensures your practice can share important vaccination details with immunization registry information systems and participate in quality payment programs.

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

No updates expected, but testing is recommended.

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code

This change is additive and should not impact API function.

Link to Developer Portal documentation 

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