API Change (21.11): Add "createduser" Output For GET Documents Call

Summary: The “createduser” attribute is now returned when invoking API endpoints to retrieve documents related to a specific patient. The “createduser” attribute identifies the user who originally uploaded the document.

Products: Platform Services

Available: 21.11 Release

Highlights: Affected API endpoints now return the “createduser” attribute while trying to retrieve documents pertaining to a patient for the below classes:

  1. Clinical Document
  2. Imaging Result
  3. Lab result
  4. Admin


Endpoint(s) affected: 

  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/clinicaldocument 
  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/imagingresult 
  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/labresult 
  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/admin 
  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents

Is this a breaking change: No 


What is changing

Add "createduser" output for GET endpoints to return createduser attribute in the response to affected endpoints. Currently, createduser is returned as API-*. With minimal changes to the corresponding POST endpoints, user identifier and his role can be stored and retrieved.

Why we’re making the change

Enhance document related APIs to improve metadata availability and bring parity with athenaNet UI

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

No action needed.

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code


Link to Developer Portal documentation 

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