23.3 Release: New Endpoint: Get Multiple Booked Appointments


Added new endpoint [Get /appointments/booked/multiple] to pull booked appointment data for a set of multiple input appointmentids.


All athenaOne for Ambulatory products, all athenaOne for Hospitals & Health Systems products




23.3 Release


We are making enhancements to enable users to pull booked appointments based on multiple appointmentids.


  • N/A

Is this a breaking change

No, this is not a breaking change

Endpoints affected

  • N/A

New Endpoints

  • Get /appointments/booked/multiple


Refer to the following resources for more information: 

  • https://docs.athenahealth.com/api/api-ref/appointment

What is changing

A new endpoint, GET /appointments/booked/multiple, is being added to the existing GET /appointments/booked endpoint. This new endpoint pulls appointments of multiple appointment ids based on the passed in parameters. 

Why we’re making the change

We’re making this change to enable users to pull details of multiple appointments in one endpoint call.

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

This is a brand new endpoint, so there are no current users.

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code

This is a brand new endpoint, so there are no current users.

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