12.1 Bi-weekly Release: Updated and New Endpoints: Get Attachments to a Patient Case


This feature enables users to access attachments to a patient case via API (when a patient case is generated, and documents are attached to it). 


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December 1, 2022


You can now access attachments to Patient Cases via API.


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Is this a breaking change

No, this is not a breaking change

Endpoints affected

  • GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/patientcase/{patientcaseid} 

New Endpoints

  • GET patients/{patientid}/documents/patientcase/{patientcasefileid}/attachment 


Refer to the following resources for more information:

What is changing

We are allowing users to access the attachments on a Patient Case.

  • In GET /patients/{patientid}/documents/patientcase/{patientcaseid}, if attachments to the patient case exist, there will be a new attribute called patientcaseattachments. This attribute will provide a link to GET patients/{patientid}/documents/patientcase/{patientcasefileid}/attachment.
  • GET patients/{patientid}/documents/patientcase/{patientcasefileid}/attachment can be used to get a specific attachment to a Patient Case.

Why we’re making the change

We’re making this change to provide additional relevant information to be available via API. 

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

Users of the current endpoint must update their code if they would like to get the Patient Case attachments. 

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code

This is not a breaking change so currently users do not need to update their code if they do not wish to use this functionality. 

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