08.25 Bi-weekly Release: Updated Endpoint: Search Clinical Provider MDP API with Only Phone Number


This feature updates the get/clinicalproviders/search endpoint enabling partners to search for clinical providers using only a phone number. 


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August 25, 2022 Bi-weekly


We are allowing partners to search for a clinical provider using only a phone number


  • N/A

Is this a breaking change

No, this is not a breaking change

Endpoints affected

  • GET /clinicalproviders/search

New Endpoints

  • N/A


Refer to the following resources for more information:

What is changing

We’re changing the get/clinicalproviders/search endpoint to allow partners to search for a clinical provider using only a phone number. Previously, both a name and phone number were required.

Why we’re making the change

We’re making this change to make it easier to for clinical providers.

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

Current users will only need to pass a phone number instead of a name and phone number for any clinical provider searches.

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code

This is not a breaking change, so nothing will happen if changes are not made.

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