API Change (5/19/22): Add Insurance Package IDs to response of Claim endpoints


Added primaryinsurancepackageid and secondaryinsurancepackageid to GET /claims/changed messages and GET /claims/{claimid} responses.


  • athenaCollector


  • May 19, 2022


Existing Endpoints:

  • GET /claims/changed messages 

  • GET /claims/{claimid} 

Is this a breaking change: 

  • No

What is changing

The following fields are added to the response of the above endpoints: 

  • primaryinsurancepackageid, within the primaryinsurancepayer hash 

  • secondaryinsurancepackageid, within the secondaryinsurancepayer hash 

Both are integers.

Why we’re making the change

We’re making this change based on client feedback. In some scenarios, it is more reliable and efficient to reference insurance package information directly, rather than from what is recorded on the claim (e.g., from the appointment, which may not be up to date). 

What will current users of the endpoint need to update in their code

  • Nothing

What will happen if users of the endpoint do not update their code

  • Nothing

Developer Portal Documentation:

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