Testing in Sandbox

By signing up on the developer portal you have already been granted access to make API calls into our Global Sandbox Environment (PracticeId-195900). By using the Sandbox, you will be able to make those API calls listed directly from your browser. This allows you to test out API calls before coding them for your application. Please see below to get up to speed on testing API Calls in our global sandbox without the need of assistance. 

5 Steps for Testing Directly From the Developer Portal - Sandbox

  1. Create Developer Portal Account

  2. Go to the Sandbox page to test out our API's without having to write any code or functions.

  3. Authorize Sandbox, by selecting Authorize button.

    1. Use the API client-id (aka your "key"), and secret information, found on the credentials tab, from the selected app from your account

    2. Click Authorize button to validate and authorize sandbox environment.
      Note: Sandbox need to be re-authorized once the token is expired.

    3. Close the Authorize popup and continue playing with API-endpoints.

  4. Use the Sandbox Filter option to identify the API you want to test.

  5. Fill in valid input values, and click on Execute button. Sandbox will provide you with API response, and the response code.

5 Steps to Start Testing From Your Local Application

  1. Create Developer Portal Account

  2. First-time users, create a new app in your account dashboard and save your app-credentials to your secret-manager. Repeat users, use the App-credentials from your secret-manager
    Note: If you have lost your App-credentials, you can reset them from your App-Credentials tab in your account-dashboard.

  3. Set up your client’s authentication using OAuth 2.0 protocol.

  4. Review workflow documentation learn how to model/adapt intended application functionality.

  5. Use the Developer documentation to better understand the inputs, call types, and outputs.

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