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Explore our workflows and API reference pages. Register for your free account to be issued Sandbox credentials. Try our online APIs or download APIs to Postman to prototype your potential solution.

  1. Get started by learning about our APIs

  2. Register

    Estimated time: 1-2 minutes

    In order to start developing, you will need to register for your new athenahealth Developer Portal account.

  3. Create your app

    Go to the Create an App page, login with your account credentials, and follow the prompts to create your new app. 

    Once your app has been created, save your new credentials in a secure location.

    Note: The secret will only be displayed once and will need to be reset if you forget them.

    Your credentials will look like this:


  4. Try Sandbox

    By signing up on the developer portal you have already been granted access to make API calls into our global sandbox environment (contextID 195900). By using the sandbox, you will be able to make those API calls listed directly from your browser. This gives you an advantage to test out API calls before having to code them for your application. Please see below for a quick start on how to get up to speed and testing API Calls in our global sandbox without the need of assistance.

    Here are some examples that you can use to practice:

    Build an Online Scheduling Application

    API Reference List: Appointments Workflow Page (8-10 Endpoints)

    • Incorporate scheduling functionality into my website
    • The API allows the user (patient) to schedule appointments without practice intervention
    • Utilize the API because I have a separate UI other than athenaNet to schedule patients

    Collect or Record Payments through your Application

    API Reference List: Payments Workflow Page (6-8 Endpoints)

    • Allows users (patients) to review open balances and pay them via credit card
    • Patient-facing app/website that allows users (patients) to review open balances and/or claims
    • Client has a third-party (non-Credit Card Plus) solution that processes payments outside athenaNet
  5. Sample Project

    Jump start your development using these sample projects.

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