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Platform Services API Solutions

For existing customers of athenahealth’s Platform Services API Solutions, and their vendors, integrating with athenahealth using API, you may use our Technical Request Form to request the services outlined below. If you are not yet a customer of Platform Services API Solutions, you can learn more about becoming a customer here. 

Available Support Types


Preview Refresh API Access API Consulting Solution Validation Request

Preview is based on a snapshot of production data. You can request an updated snapshot (refresh). 

(1-5 business days)

Request back-end API key access to your Preview test environment (aka context ID). 

(1-5 business days)

Request assistance from our API Solution Consultants.

(2-4 weeks)

Request solution validation when you’ve completed all prerequisites.

(2-4 weeks)

Marketplace Partner Program

If you are an existing member of our Marketplace Partner Program, please create a case on the Partner Community.

Interested in our Marketplace Partner Program to offer a repeatable solution to multiple athena customers? Learn more here. We can help to scale and bring your solution to a broader market.

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