Access to APIs beyond Certified APIs (i.e., access to non-certified FHIR APIs or our athenaOne APIs) is provided through athenahealth Platform Services. We offer a self-service model, as well as premium, account-based solutions and services that leverage years of experience and network insights to advise you on the best way to achieve your unique goals.

To learn more about athenahealth’s Platform Services and begin a conversation with an athenahealth representative, review the information below:

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Are you looking to leverage insights from the athenaOne network but aren’t an athenaOne customer? Then our Marketplace Partner Program is right for you.

Tell us about your company and solutions using the form here. We’ll reach out to schedule a conversation about becoming a Marketplace partner.

Interesting in becoming an athenaOne customer with API integrations?

Please contact your sales representative or fill out the form here.

Already an athenaOne customer with existing API integrations?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager.
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