Checking API Status

Partners can use the GET/ping call to monitor if our API is up and running. Partners will need to enter a practice ID that their API key has authorization to access. Below are the four possible messages that the GET/Ping API will return, and what each message indicates.


API is Up

  • Response Status: 200 Ok
  • Response Body:   {“Pong":”true”}

API is Down

The GET/ping request will result in time out

Common Ping Error Responses

1. The practice requested by the partner doesn't exist in athenaOne. This can sometimes indicate internal API problems as well.

  • Response Status: 404 Not Found
  • Response Body:   "error": "Invalid practice.", "detailedmessage": "The practice ID does not exist."

2. The partner requested a practice ID in the GET/Ping call that the partner's API key has not been granted rights to access.

  • Response Status: 401 Unauthorized
  • Response Body:   "detailedmessage": "Bad auth.", "error": "Incorrect permissions."
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