Validate Solution

Before bringing your integration live with clients, athena will work with you to confirm that your integration functions as scoped and will work with you to finalize any remaining details. 

  1. Solution Validation Call

    The Solution Validation Call is considered to be the last checkpoint necessary for athenahealth to ensure that the API solution is properly configured, functions as scoped, and does not compromise our systems and servers or the workflow of athenaNet users.

  2. Preparation for Solution Validation

    Client/vendors/partners and/or developer should prepare to: 

    • Detail the workflow and API endpoints listed in the solution's scoping documents 

    • Conduct a LIVE end-to-end demonstration within their dedicated tablespace using test/fake patients

  3. Common Solution Validation Issues


    During the live demonstration, members of athenahealth's internal teams will be auditing the API endpoints to ensure that the solution:  

    • Matches the submitted scoping documents 

    • Adheres to athenahealth's compliance regulations and ultimately does not compromise athenaNet 

    Should a solution utilize endpoints that were not previously scoped and approved, violate athenahealth's compliance regulations, or compromise athenaNet it will fail Solution Validation.

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