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To bring your application live, you will need to have a production app created by athena. You will need to follow our 'Go Live' process below, to access and interact with athena client’s production data. 

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  1. Go Live Process

    To go live, you will need a Production App(s)/Key(s). Production Keys allow your app to access and interact with athena client production data. Follow these steps to get production app. 

    1. Request Solution Validation with us - Solution Validation

    1. Complete Solution Validation – the athena team will require a product demonstration to ensure the end-state solution functions as intended and is in accordance with athenaNet workflows, security best practices, and complies with all industry regulations. This is important to help you avoid issues in production

    2. Production App Go-Live – once approved and authorized, the athena team will work with you to create/enable appropriate production credentials for production use.

    3. Update your app with the production keyset and deploy the app to production

      • If you are developing a Marketplace solution or working on behalf of an athena client, you will also coordinate deployment to production with the client.

    4. If deploying your app to multiple athena clients, run your regression test and test along with your client before rolling out to other clients.

    Ready to rollout to more athena clients? Start your journey with our Marketplace. Check Marketplace section for further details.

  2. Post Go Live

    Once the solution is live, we suggest you subscribe to our updates and regularly check the following items to ensure you are not missing out on changes.

    1. Updates – Check out athena’s API Updates (available via our Change Log) on a regular basis for API changes and new APIs 

    1. Subscribe to API status updates for downtime communications 

    1. API Stats – Check out API usage stats per application

    1. Error Monitoring

      • Rate Limits: in the event you are receiving 429 error messages, or you know that you are nearing your rate limits, you will need to take appropriate steps. 

        • Review your application design to ensure it is making calls as efficiently as possible 

        • For Platform Services API Solutions Plus or Advanced customers, you may also request an increase to your rate limits by submitting a ticket. Rate limit increases are not available for Platform Services API Solutions Essential customers. If you are interested in upgrading your Platform Services package, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

    2. Invoicing

      • Partners and Marketplace customers, check invoices in your account here for API usage information and amounts payable. 

      • athenaOne customers with Platform Services, for questions regarding your invoice or API usage information, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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