Design Solution

In order to start developing, you will need to work with an athenahealth API Consultant to review the goals of the integration, confirm the technical viability, and develop documentation specific to the integration. 

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  1. Design your integration

    Download the Tech Spec and begin designing your integration using athena APIs. The Tech Spec will be used to discuss the scope of your intended integration with our Integration Design team. An agreed upon finalized Tech Spec is required for solution validation and production deployment.

  2. Optional design review

    Once you have your integration laid out, you have the option to work directly with an athenahealth API consultant on the Integration Design team. The API consultant will review your tech spec and schedule a design review meeting with your team. During the design review, an athenahealth API consultant will: 

    • Assess your integration goals and business requirements 
    • Validate use-cases and technical feasibility 
    • Review and advise on appropriate APIs 
    • Review security best practices, etc. 

     Note: Design review is only available to athenahealth clients contracted for Platform Services.

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