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With your integration designed, kickstart your development with guides and references built by athenistas. Review best practices, authentication models, and start preparing for validating your solution.

  1. Authentication & Authorizations

    To get access to practice data, the user must authorize an app through the authorization flow. You will get an Access Token at the end of the process.


    The new platform will now require you to request a scope. It is important to note that without the correct grant type and scope requested, OAuth requests for access tokens will fail. The following example demonstrates how to successfully get a token for preview:

    curl -u {CLIENT_ID} --data "grant_type=client_credentials&scope=athena/service/Athenanet.MDP.*" \

    You should receive a response like the following: 

    {"access_token": "bSQeVaRd47Tnof8GWbDZTud9ghLP", "expires_in": "300"}  


    • access_token - the same as before and to be used as a bearer token in API requests 

    • expires_in - represents the lifetime of the token in seconds 

    Token Expiration 

    • The token lifespan is 60 minutes, which is the same as it was on the old platform. 

  2. Testing Application

    By default, all users are granted access to default ContextID: 195900. Pro Tip: Upon completion of Design & Contracting step we will assign a preview environment for your testing needs.

  3. Troubleshooting

    Refer our error codes section for learning more about handling errors, and troubleshooting.
    Font Awesome Pro-Tip: Refer Best-practices section for handling errors.

If you are struck at any point while developing or testing your solution, please navigate to our Support page.


Checkout our Best-practices section for guidelines while building the solution.

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