For app developers:

The API paths of athenahealth's FHIR endpoints are constructed from FHIR base URLs, of which there are multiple supported formats stated below. Please note that athenahealth customers may also deploy their own FHIR APIs for accessing EHI from athenaOne. PHR app developers may retrieve a machine-readable list of FHIR base URLs certified to the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule (g)(10) criterion, along with  the names associated with those URLs of organizations using athenaClinicals product , using the download link in the section below.


The athenahealth FHIR R4 server offers a global base URL that serves data for every practice within the athenahealth network. This is also the base URL for athenahealth’s FHIR R4 APIs certified to the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule (g)(10) criterion. The global base URLs for our supported athenaOne environments are:

Non-athenahealth FHIR Base URLs

Although rare, some athenahealth customers using athenaClinicals may manage and deploy their own FHIR APIs and authorization servers for accessing EHI from athenaOne. Please note access to these endpoints is managed separately from onboarding processes, OAuth credentials, and patient login credentials (Login with athenahealth) covered in the athenahealth Developer Portal. Base URLs for customer-deployed FHIR sever and endpoints certified to the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule (g)(10) criterion do not use the athenahealth platform domain (https://api.platform.athenahealth.com) in the downloadable FHIR R4 Base URL list below.

Download List of FHIR R4 Base URLs

Click here to download a machine-readable CSV file of all athenahealth and non-athenahealth FHIR R4 base URLs certified to the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule (g)(10) criterion, along with the patient-facing names of associated healthcare organizations.


athenahealth's FHIR DSTU2 APIs can only be accessed through site-specific base URLs, requiring you to know the appropriate practice ID(s), brand ID(s), and chart sharing group ID(s) for that organization. These are the base URLs for athenahealth’s FHIR DSTU2 APIs certified to 2015 Edition CEHRT Criteria. The site-specific base URL formats for our supported athenaOne environments are:

Please note site-specific URLs may reflect sensitive information about a healthcare organization’s structure, therefore the required practice, brand, and chart sharing group IDs are not posted publicly and may only be obtained as part of that organization’s authorization and consent.

For athenahealth customers using athenaClinicals:

If your organization offers FHIR R4 endpoints (deployed by your organization or through a third party) for PHR apps to access EHI stored in athenaClinicals, and if those endpoints are certified to the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule (g)(10) criterion, per the rule, we must publish those endpoints’ base URLs in addition to our own.  

Please complete this form to submit the base URLs you would like us to list. The fields that we will list are Organization Name, Context ID, Base URL, and link to your FHIR Server Onboarding Documentation.

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