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Online Appointment Scheduling

Describes common workflow for finding open appointment slots within athenaOne that are available to be booked via the API.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are for prompting the practice to schedule future or follow-up appointments for its patients. Partners can create, update, retrieve, and delete appointment reminders. 

Charge Entry - Billing Service

Review and confirm the services, CPT codes, unit, diagnosis and other information for an encounter before creating a claim.

Health History Forms and Documents

List of instructions for clients for updating details around how a practice configures the patient health history forms and questions/data.

Credit Card Payment - Email Receipts

Instructions for sending patient emails for credit card payments.

Screening Questionnaires

Describes Screening Questionnaires tools that can be used by providers to evaluate a patient based on a score and guidelines derived from a series of medically validated questions and answers. 

Document Classification Guide

Describes how the different documents are classified within athenaOne. Document types significantly improve the usability of the document in the patient's chart and should be provided whenever possible.

Health History Forms - Checkin

Describes workflow for handling health history forms against an appointment checkin. The health history forms are a subset of the possible clinical questions configured by the practice.

Digital Check-In Overview

Digital check-in process varies by practice, but we recommend the following components be included in the partner UI, leveraging the appropriate API calls to exchange the latest athenaOne information and data.

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