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Create and manage appointments, add and edit notes. Configure appointment types, reasons, appointments slots, cancellation reason, custom fields, and more.


Access, update and export patient charts which includes Problems, Vitals, Flowsheets, Vaccines, Allergies, History, Screening, Lab results, and more.

Documents and Forms

Configure forms and documents for appointments, patient identifications, encounter, lab, imaging, clinical documents, ACOG Summary for Prenatal care, and more.


Document and manage the patient encounter information for vitals, screening questionnaires, diagnosis, history, physical examination (PE), and more.

Insurance and Financial

View and update insurance packages, capture patient insurances, eligibility, claims, payments, payment plans, Chronic Care Management enrollments, and more.

OB Episode

Track OB enrollments and information about clinical outcomes. Access Enrollment, EDD, and Delivery reports organize information captured in the OB episode.


Search for a best match of the patient, capture patient’s preferred pharmacies, imaging, lab, portal access, consents, messaging, and more.


Document, access and manage inpatient and hospital related information including charts, orders, cases, procedures, medications, inventory, ledgers, and more.


Access details of providers, clinical providers, referring providers. Manage configuration for Provider types, specialties, and dictation setting for providers. 

Practice Configuration

Access Departments, Chart Sharing Groups, Insurances, Brand, Patient Locations, Races and Ethnicities, Referral Sources, and various other practice settings and references.

Quality Management / Pop Health

Get insight into patient compliance against risk-based contract performance measures. Assess patient's primary provider. Display the risk contracts of a specific person.

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