Welcome to APIs at athenahealth

Build the future of healthcare with us 

Flexibly interoperate with our core platform and applications, connecting key workflows across athenaOne and your proprietary or third-party applications. Explore athenahealth’s API documentation and see why over 400+ customer and partner applications leverage our API to power their innovative user experiences. 

We offer APIs supporting the standard clinical definitions and data structures of the HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard, as well as robust proprietary APIs, to meet your development needs for a variety of provider, patient, and biller workflows and use cases. 


Types of APIs We Offer


athenaOne APIs

Proprietary API endpoints, including Write interaction across major administrative, clinical, and financial functions, allow you to deliver real-world insights in our native workflows.


RESTful FHIR APIs, built to multiple versions of the standard, allow access to USCDI clinical data in an interoperable and standard format.  

Certified APIs

Access to Certified FHIR API endpoints, at no cost to customers and partners, aligns with our belief that an open, collaborative ecosystem drives quality care outcomes.
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